How It Works

1. Start Your Order

-Add a package to your cart and checkout
-You will receive a shipping label to ship your items to our studio with detailed shipping instructions
-If you do not have a physical product, choose "no physical product" during checkout and you will not be charged for shipping

    2. Ship Your Products

    -Pack up your products and ship them to our studio
    -Items must be able to fit in a  8.6 × 5.4 × 1.6 in box 
    -Choose your best products to ship to ensure great quality photos
    -You will get an email confirmation when your photos arrive at our studio

      3. We Do the Rest

      -We photograph your products as soon as we get them
      -We will review any specific instructions you provide during checkout

        4. Delivery

        -When your photos are ready, we will deliver them to you via a private online gallery
        -Once our work is done, we will pack up your product and ship them back to you
        -We will email you a confirmation and tracking number when your items are shipped back
        -Photos will be delivered approximately one week after they arrive at our studio